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360 Photo booth!

Inarguably the most popular photo booth, our 360 offers a completely new and innovative take on event photography. Our 360 photobooth, much like the name suggests, offers a completely comprehensive and circular view of your group. From fun movies poses to sweet dances, the  360 can capture it all with no issues.Guests will get a short video as a keepsake with your branding directly ingrained in the file itself.

Have your guest moving!  This type of photo booth allows your guests to get up and interact with each other. It promotes a fun atmosphere! You can have still photos for memories and have movement shots forever now as well! This is one of the most fun ideas for a wedding! This is the idea guests will always remember and love at your wedding!

Are you celebrating a corporate event? No problem! This photo booth offers 360 degrees of fun! it promotes your team to interact and loosen up! You can add music or have them add it. This definitely falls under corporate-friendly event rentals! This should especially be under fun ideas to have at corporate events! The best part… We can BRAND it for you! Let your team know you’re fun outside of the office!​​​​


•Song selection (up to 3) or use your event DJ

••Social Media Sharing Station

•Logo & template design


•Studio Lighting

•Online Gallery

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