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Are you looking for wedding DJ in the Tri-Cities? Let us ask you a question, 6 Months After a Wedding…

What is the most memorable takeaway for guests? Is it the food, the music, or the incredible time they had? It is an INCREDIBLE time that they had!

Why? Because, your DJ is the number one vendor that affects how involved and how late your guests stay, what your photographer shoots, and what the video reflects. With us, you won’t be presented with your typical music-list driven DJ.

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When it comes to weddings Tri-Cities Entertainment has provided excellent DJ Service to Weddings all over the state. It is so critical when hiring your Wedding DJ that you hire the right Wedding DJ! Your DJ has such a great impact on the whole Wedding Reception. The last thing you want to do is hire a DJ for your Wedding that has not DJ’d a Wedding before. Tri-Cities Entertainment has hundreds of weddings under our belt! When it comes to Weddings we are the absolute best! Let us show you some of the tools that we offer the brides and grooms so their wedding day is the best that it can be.

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