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Josh with TCE did an amazing job at my wedding. We had hired them for the reception and ended up having them do the ceremony as well last minute. Josh is very easy to talk to and work with. I highly recomend!

Lauren R., Bride (Jonesborough)

Tri-cities entertainment did an amazing job at our wedding! Josh came out and set up  equipment early. He played the music perfectly for the ceremony. He played a great variety of music (a mix of what we liked) during pictures and dinner. We had our first dance and then we had a blast dancing the night away with all of our friends and family. He helped make our night one to fact it is brought up frequently. Thanks for playing awesome music and also for all the requests made during the night. We are still entertained by the videos. :)

Laura W., Brider -Greenville 

We Love Our Clients!

TRAVIS DJ'ed our wedding on Oct.8th at The Ridges & he did an exceptional job.

One of the things we worried about was the size of the dance floor & really, just the limitations of having the reception in the tent, but he was a true pro. He turned what felt like a slightly smaller venue, but w/ roughly 95 guests, into what felt like a large dance hall. Somehow he squeezed his equipment into the corner & it left us w/ a huge dance floor. I was impressed w/ his ability to read the venue & create a perfect environment for...all I can come up with is the word "fun".

I was extremely impressed w/ T's equipment & knowledge of his tech...& also his knowledge of weddings. He knew exactly what to do, how to do it & when he needed to do whatever was required of an entertainer. He didn't "ham" it up or "mug" the mic like some DJ's I've seen. His knowledge of music lead him to playing a great blend of stuff from 70's singer/songwriter-to-80's favorites-to-modern dance/techno/etc. It was great for the wide age range of people that atended.

Finally, I want to make two last points that (to me at least) prove that he did a good job. We were tardy in starting the reception & that can cripple a traditional reception. Travis did a good job of keeping the mood relaxed so people wouldn't get agitated & leave early. Anyway, after all the delays, fast forward about 3hours into the night & there was still about 55-60 people there...& the UT/TexasA&M game was on during this whole thing too! For this reason alone, I thought we'd lose 1/2 of the attendees. I'm actually not kidding.

Finally, the last point I wanted to make was a simple one: My new wife & her mother loved the reception. many times I've been to weddings where the bride loved the wedding but took some issue with the reception (salad dressing was wrong, food was cold...or the music wasn't right &/or people wouldn't dance) but we had absolutely none of those problems. Travis made everyone feel at home & engaged everyone without overstepping any professional boundaries. Heck, by the end of the night, he was getting so many requests that I don't think he could keep up w/ them. A job well done. We're very pleased with Tri-Cities Entertainment.  -Jon Tuell (Johnson CIty)

We are so happy we made the choice to go with TCE for our wedding. We had a smaller reception  with mostly family, but JT was still able to get people out on the dance floor. The weeks leading up to our wedding were easy as well. We had so much fun choosing songs for our playlist, and Josh "JT" was very helpful, laid back, and understood completely what we wanted. THANK YOU TRI-CITIES ENTERTAINMENT!

Katie -Kingsport

Tri-Cities Entertainment... Definitely worth the investment. Professional staff and wonderful entertainment. Couldn't have imagined my wedding without all of your services!!! Thanks a million.
My husband and I loved how professional and prepared Tri-Cities Entertainment was for our wedding. Travis played great music that was upbeat and kid friendly! I would highly recommend Tri-Cities Entertainment for any of your DJing needs. Thank you Travis for such a great job on our special day.
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